Black Swans Don’t Fly Far, Apparently


NATO Allies could expand Libyan mission beyond Benghazi. [CNBC]

Four banks —exactly the ones you’d guess—hold 95 percent of aggregate institutional exposure to derivatives. (Yep: It’s JPM, BofA, Goldman, and Citi.) [DealBook]

Perhaps the gold bugs have a point: Owning gold seems to be an effective strategy for at least one loony dictator. (Yep: It’s Gaddafi.) [FT]

Oil heads toward $105. [MarketWatch]

Alphaville examines LIBOR. [Alphaville]

Black swans don’t fly far, apparently. [Bloomberg]

Join me in wishing Manhattan’s grid a happy two hundredth birthday. (Except for Chinatown. And the West Village. And the Financial District. And…) [WSJ]

JPMorgan in talks to syndicate enormous loan for $20 billion ATT/T-Mobile merger. []