The Puckiest Guy on the Bond Desk

Marty Reasoner and Adam Reasoner
Marty Reasoner and Adam Reasoner

The guys on the trading floor were probably a tad bit jealous when one of their own was called to play goalie for the Florida Panthers hockey team's practice at Madison Square Garden Tuesday morning.

Adam Reasoner, a 26-year-old bond trader and the younger brother of the Panthers center, Marty Reasoner, was called to fill in for the Panthers goalie Scott Clemmensen. Clemmensen was unable to play because of an injury.

Adam played hockey at Boston College for two seasons and said he keeps in shape playing with other financial professionals on Wednesday nights at Chelsea Pier, he told the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald's sportswriter George Richards reports:

Adam Reasoner was working his day job on Wall Street when he saw a missed call from his older brother and then a text message asking if he was willing to meet the team.

“It was a pretty impressive turnaround,'' Marty said. “He was here in, like, half-an-hour. It's fun. It's exciting to get him out here. I'm almost eight years older than he is, so I never really got a chance to play or skate together. This was a pretty cool experience."

Clemmensen decided he couldn't practice after tweaking a knee during Saturday's loss to the Islanders. Florida called up Tyler Plante from AHL Rochester, but he couldn't make it in from Cleveland in time for the skate leaving just Tomas Vokoun on the ice for the Panthers.

Midway through the morning skate, Adam Reasoner walked out from the tunnel wearing a black Panthers practice jersey over his Boston College themed gear—complete with the screaming eagle on his custom painted mask.

Apparently, Adam wasn't too bad either.

“The scary part is, [Adam] looked good. I don't know if that's because of our shooters or because he's good. It might just be the guys shooting on him,'' his brother, Marty, told the Miami Herald hockey blog On Frozen Pond.

Who knows, considering all the turbulence in the bond market, maybe after Adam's little rendezvous on the ice he'll reconsider this whole bond trading business.


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