What's On: Jobs, Popping Stocks, Scary Tech

Here's what's up on Thursday's Squawk on the Street:

--A key jobs number comes out. We'll have details on jobless claims and instant trader reaction as we count you down to the opening bell. This is the number that will likely drive early trading.

--Best Buy reports numbers, and that could be another early market driver. The stock's been beat up from the feet up over the last year, down 23 percent, and down 41 percent in five years.

--Also on the big show, the CEO of Aaron's. This stock is a mainstay on our 52-week high list these days. They specialize in renting furniture.

--Also on our stock list, the better play: Motorola Mobility or Motorola Solutions.

--We're also looking into a scary new phenomenon. Robots and computer programs stealing white collar jobs. Are you in trouble? Let us know what you think in this morning's Street Poll,and watch the big show starting at 9am eastern live from the New York Stock Exchange.