6 Value Plays For Investors Now: Strategists

Maury Fertig, CIO of Relative Value Partners and Sandy Lincoln, investment strategist at M&A Investment Management offered a couple value plays for investors.

“[We suggest] closed-end funds for the thrifty investors, because there are opportunities to buy things at deep discounts,” Fertig told CNBC. (Scroll down for his full picks.)

In the meantime, Lincoln suggested the following firms.

Kronos—“It’s a 3 billion market cap company and it’s a company that makes a very specific product—they make a pigment called titanium dioxide and it makes paper white and makes window casings white,” Lincoln said of the firm. “They’re running at full capacity and they have some pricing strength in their back and they should have a significant earnings expansion in 2011 versus 2010.”


Fertig’s Picks:

Eaton Vance Tax-Mgd

Royce Value Trust

Blackrock Pref



Scorecard—What They Said:

  • Fertig's Previous Appearance on CNBC (Jan. 13, 2011)
  • Lincoln's Previous Appearance on CNBC (Feb. 16, 2011)


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Lincoln does not own shares of KRO or TRS personally, but his company owns shares of both.

No immediate information was available for Fertig or his firm.