Investing In One of World's 'Greatest Growth Businesses'

To play the rise in U.S. oil and gas production without being held hostage to commodity price swings, Cramer said Thursday recommended pipeline and energy infrastructure names.

After all, top executives of multiple companies operating in the Bakken Shale, one of the largest oil finds in U.S. history, have said transportation is their biggest problem. The Bakken stretches from Montana to North Dakota and runs along the Canadian border. EOG ResourcesCEO Mark Papa on Monday said his company is having to transport the oil by truck because there simply isn't enough pipeline there. He's experiencing the same problem in the Eagle Ford shale in Texas.

Considering the demand for pipeline, Cramer recommends taking a look at Enbridge . Based in Calgary, Alberta, it is one of North America's largest pipeline and energy infrastructure operators, delivering more than 2 million barrels of oil and liquids a day. Sixty-nine percent of crude the U.S. imports from Canada goes through Enbridge's pipelines, Cramer said. It's also also Canada's largest natural gas distributor.

"Enbridge is in the best position to fix the bottleneck that are preventing North American oil producers from getting their product to market because it has pipelines or is building pipelines that would shift oil and gas from where they are found to where they can be put to use and those are very often in different areas," Cramer said. "It's one of the greatest growth businesses in the world today."

Enbridge pays a 3.3 percent dividend yield, which Cramer likes. It has a master limited partnership, Enbridge Energy , which has a yield nearly twice as large. Cramer, however, prefers the parent company because it is the larger growth driver right now.

To learn more about this oil and gas name, Cramer invited Enbridge CEO Patrick Daniel to appear on "Mad Money." Watch the video to see the full conversation.

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