Raising the Blade, Lathering the Face

left/CNBC/Sections/News_And_Analysis/_Blogs/NetNet/__COVER/_IMAGES/NN_done_for_day_200.jpg120015000lefttruehttp://msnbcmedia.msn.comfalse1Pfalsefalsefalsefalse Deal specific bonuses for mortgage brokers, which encouraged loan officers to ramp up loan volumes, are set to die on April 1.

(Housing Wire)

Blackrock orders its people to clean up their messy desks the night before a live television hit. (DealBreaker)

Remember when this whole Libya thing was going to be a "no fly zone?" Yep. We were lied into war. Again. (Washington Examiner)

Insert pun here: SEC Names Anne K. Small as Deputy General Counsel (SEC.gov)

Are you someone who really wants to hear more from The Bernank?

Good news. He's now going to hold a quarterly press conference. (FederalReserve.gov)

Reading Victor: "One raises the razor blade and puts some lather on the face and checks the prices at 7am and notes many markets near local extremes including stocks, fixed income, oil and the beard is still there, as well as the shaving cream." Your guess is as good as mine. (Daily Speculations)