What's On: Research in Motion, Caterpillar and USPS

Here's what's up on Thursday's Squawk on the Street:

--We'll take a look at numbers from Research in Motion and Oracle as investors get ready to trade both of these stocks based on their quarterly reports. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison missed the conference call because of jury duty, more on that Friday.

--We're taking a special look at Caterpillar, it's the only Dow component on the 52-week high list these days. See why and see if there's still room to build.

--There are now 274 days to Christmas and as far as Squawk on the Street is concerned, the countdown is on. Amazon and eBay may have some extra issues to contend with this year. Find out all about it.

--We're also looking at the heavy metal trade: gold, silver and copper.

--Plus, big cuts for the United States Postal Service... 7,500 jobs will be eliminated along with seven district offices. Times are a'changin'. We have the head of the Postal Workers' Union on the big show, and the Street Poll wants to know if you think service should be cut on Saturdays... or if more jobs should be eliminated in order to help keep the USPS alive. Share your opinion, and watch the show live from the New York Stock Exchange starting at 9am on the dot