FRIDAY CONTEST: Why Does Wells Fargo Want My Cell Number?

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo—easily the most secretive US bank—wants my cell phone number.

Until last year, Wells Fargo did not even hold quarterly conference calls to discuss results. And even now that they do hold calls, journalists who didn't already have existing relationships with their media people aren't able to call them with follow up questions—because Well doesn't list their telephone number on their website.)

Yet Wells Fargo wants to be able to reach me, day or night, in the event that I step away from my desk.

Granted, I haven't been a journalist as long as, say, Andy Rooney, but it's the first time I've ever gotten an email like this from a bank.

Which makes me wonder: Why do they want my cell phone number?


Is Wells Fargo in the middle of some kind of systems migration? Are they planning to make a major announcement? Do they just want to send me late night texts? ("Yo man, u want to hit a diner with these girls after Provocateur—then chill with BofA?")

What do you think?

Email us your guesses at , text them to 26221 or comment below.

The winners get their submissions published on NetNet—either with your name or anonymously. (Your choice.)

(Note: A Wells Fargo representative contacted us and pointed out the that Wells now includes its telephone numbers in a detailed media contact sheet available on the web: You just need to click down to find it.)


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