CNBC's Market Movers For 2011: Maria Bartiromo On QE2, Global Growth And Innovation 

1. The Fed ends QE2

Many people question who will be there to buy Treasurys once the Fed is no longer buying. The Fed's QE2 ends in June, without a successor, but it is likely that we could see a selloff before then as investors anticipate the Fed getting out of the way the second half of the year. Don't forget there's a pipeline of foreclosures that will keep the housing marketstuck in the mud, which will limit job creation and economic growthin the U.S.

2) Growth is outside of the United States

This story continues strong. Growth in the world is coming from places like China, Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia and Brazil. One billion people are joining the ranks of the middle class outside the United States, and they will need all sorts of "stuff", from toothpaste and other consumer products to commodities such as copper (which goes in everything from smartphones to cars), silver, oil , gold and food stuffs. That means the resource-rich areas and the companies benefiting or operating there will continue to do well.

3) Innovation in healthcare

Investors want growth, and the innovation today is happening in technology and healthcare. From radiology and mobile mammography machines to digitized records, innovation will create investor interest in healthcare and technology. These areas could be among the safest if we do see a Fed-related selloff.