Protestors Will Target William and Kate Wedding

Protestors are expected to target the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Head of London’s public order police division has told the UK’s Daily Telegraph Monday.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Mario Testino | WireImage | Getty Images
Prince William and Kate Middleton

The same people who over the weekend brought London’s West End to a halt and attacked banks like HSBC and Santander could add to security fears around the highly-anticipated wedding on April 29th, Commander Bob Broadhurst told the paper.

This weekend’s violence in London “reinforced the fact that there does appear to be an appetite out there to endorse violence," Broadhurst said.

"The concern for me is that they do what they central London and divert resources away from my security plan and take our eye off the ball security wise," he added.

Broadhurst said the Metropolitan police will have different powers for the Royal wedding, including the power to close roads and tough stop and search powers.