Cramer: The Future of Natural Gas, and 'Do Good' Stocks

Natural gas is the fuel of the future for every country other than the United States, Mad Money's Jim Cramer said on Monday's Stop Trading!

As a result, American companies are going to find ways to export it. "That's the belief," Cramer said. "That's why these stocks have gone up. That's why there are so many foreign buyers."

The United States "obviously has no use for it here," though, Cramer said.

"Conoco makes the point that as long as Washington has nothing good to say about natural gas, it's not going to drill more natural gas because it needs to ship it," he said.

Still, he likes the sector because any country that is using nuclear energy now is going to be switching to natural gas because the plants can be built quickly, Cramer said. The United States won't be among them, however, he said.

"We like ethanol and we like coal" Cramer said. "We're a coal-based country that burns food."

Specific stocks on Cramer's radar Monday include:

Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield services company, said Monday it expects turmoil in the Middle East and Africa to knock 8 to 10 cents per share off first-quarter profit. That's significantly less than industry watchers, including Cramer, were expecting.

"I was looking for 18 cents to 20 cents," Cramer said. "This is widely being hailed as being 'Wow, that's all it cost them?' "

He explained that when a sector bellwether like Schlumberger says the situation isn't as bad as people thought, the group does well. "That's why the group is going nuts," he said.

Cramer said he also thinks Airgas will inch its way through $70 this year.

"Just say no was not a rip-off for the shareholders," Cramer said.

Cramer also likes a few companies he said will do well based on consumers' perceptions that they are conscientious and their quality is superior.

First up: Whole Foods, which is the new Good Housekeeping seal of approval for grocery companies, he said.

Lululemon and Chipotle also stand to do well as examples of companies that "do well by doing good."

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