VMware & SingTel Launch Hybrid Cloud Solution

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The Japanese government hasn't ruled out hiking taxes, to pay for the massive rebuilding ahead.

As the Kan government debates the best way to fund the recovery efforts - opposition MPs attacked the Prime Minister over his handling of the disaster.

The backlash follows the discovery of plutonium in soil at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Kan's critics say the PM should have widened the evacuation zone around the reactors.

On a brighter note though, Toyota has resumed assembly lines at two of its local manufacturing facilities - showing more firms are slowly returning to normal production.

But Martin Schulz from the Fujitsu Research Institute says businesses still face a lot of uncertainty - and it's extremely difficult for executives to assess the situation right now.

(SOT) Martin Schulz, Senior Economist at Fujitsu Research Institute, Tokyo:
The reason for this is there are interruptions, there are problems, it is still very hard to assess what the impact overall will be. But our bottom line now is that overall, many of these issues can be fixed rather fast; many parts can be replaced. So the bigger issue here on the mind is not parts missing, but rather power cuts and rolling blackouts which will last for the summer.

A change of pace now...

VMWare has launched a hybrid cloud solution with SingTel, that allows companies to upgrade their IT resources, at a fraction of the usual costs.

Hybrid solutions are the industry's answer to resolve concerns by public enterprises about cloud computing.

Paul Maritz, CEO & President of VMware - one of the leading companies in virtualization and cloud infrastructure - explains the hybrid concept.

(SOT) Paul Maritz, CEO and President of VMware:
A hybrid solution refers to a concept where companies can combine their existing computing resources, that they have huge investments in, with the resources of a public cloud provider like SingTel. It allows enterprises to make business decisions about which of their applications they want to keep inside for security reasons, and which they are willing to put into resources of a public cloud provider.

VMWare expects an increase in hybrid cloud adoption in the Asia Pacific region this year - creating new opportunities for its partnership with SingTel.

(SOT) Paul Maritz, CEO and President of VMware:
What we're hoping to do is to chart a path forward for large enterprises as to how they can incrementally and in an evolutionary way transform their computing environments. And for that we've got to work inside and outside and we bring the inside & SingTel brings the outside.

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