Where to Invest Amid Choppy Markets: Strategist

Get ready for an increase in market volatility, said Joseph Duran, CEO and co-founder of United Capital Financial Partners.

“This recovery looks very anemic, so we expect the second quarter coming up to be quite different—maybe similar to last year in the second quarter, where we had a 10 percent decline and we ended the quarter relatively even. The choppiness is to be had,” Duran told CNBC.

He said that while the underlying trends look good, investors should look to put their money in global and large companies that can “weather the storms and capture the growth” that’s happening around the world. (Scroll down for his full list of picks.)

In the meantime, Adam Bold, founder and CEO of The Mutual Fund Store, said he is not a fan of gold.

“The price of gold has gone from $600 an ounce to over $1,400 an ounceover five years, and I’m not saying there’s not some more upside in gold, but the easy money in gold has been made. And what we want to invest in are things that are getting ready to go up, and not things that have already run up.”

Bold Likes:

FMI Large Cap

T.Rowe Price Cap App

Duran Likes:


IShares S&P Glb 100

Pimco Dev Local Markets

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Bold owns FMIHX, ANOIX and PRWCX.

No immediate information was available for Duran or his firm.