Employees Are Ready to Quit

Good news! We're all feeling better! Really!


Here's one potential sign of economic confidence. More Americans plan to quit their jobs, confident they can get something equal or better elsewhere.


Or maybe that's just a sign that things can't get worse.

Glassdoor.com has come out with its quarterly report on employment confidence. What struck me wasn't the bad news—that fewer people expect to get a raise over the next year (though men are more confident of a raise than women, shocking!).

Instead, I was surprised by how many people plan to quit their jobs. Nearly three out of four surveyed, 73 percent, plan to leave their employers at some point in the future, with 28 percent planning to quit in the next two years.

Another telling trend, growing confidence in landing a decent job if one loses his/her current employment.

Glassdoor reports that 40 percent of those surveyed believe they could find a new job if necessary in the next six months which "matches their experience and pay". That's up from 35 percent from the quarter before, and it's the highest level of confidence in a year and a half.

"This optimism in the job market has grown among all age groups, most notably among younger workers 18-34," Glassdoor reports. Half of those in that youngest group think finding work would be no problem over the next six months, but even 29 percent of those over 55 agree.

"This report should put employers on alert as the economy improves and employees become less risk-averse to change," says Glassdoor's Rusty Rueff. "We're seeing early warning signs that employment churn will rise, which will be another disruptive and costly outcome of the recession for those who don't prepare."

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