No Girlfriend? No Problem!

We learned about "Facebook Depression" this week, when teenagers obsess about the social networking site. Kids start to feel lousy when everyone else appears to be having a blast.

Here's something potentially even sadder.

Comstock | Getty Images

A new website called Cloud Girlfriendpromises to help you create a fantasy girl for your Facebook account so you can fool everyone into thinking you have a girlfriend. At least that's what it hopes to do. The site hasn't launched yet. Once it does, those who sign up can "define the perfect girlfriend". Cloud Girlfriend will then "create" her. After that, you can "connect and interact with her publicly" on social networking sites, and "enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl."

I guess it's less pathetic than an inflatable doll.

IT World calls Cloud Girlfriend, "The saddest Facebook Startup of all", suggesting if the fake girlfriends are merely computer generated accounts, it would violate Facebook's user agreement.

AOL quotes Technology Review's Christopher Mimswho actually thinks the idea has merit. "Some startups don't make it past the phase where they build a mailing list of users for their service, and if Cloud Girlfriend isn't one of them, I will gladly eat my hat."

But Mashable's Brenna Ehrlich(ah, a girl!) says the idea may backfire on men who hope a fake girlfriend online will help attract actual women. "You know what gets the online ladies going? Well, when some other lady is writing all over your Facebook wall."

At the moment, all you can do at Cloud Girlfriend is submit your email address and hope to part of the early "limited" launch. I went ahead and submitted my email address--not that I'm looking to create a girlfriend (really). I just wanted to see what would happen. Well, after I submitted my name, I was advised I could improve my chances of being accepted if I forwarded an invitation to join to seven other people.


But, what the heck? Why shouldn't a man create a pretend girlfriend and create love online? In the real world, women distort themselves with silicone, Restalyne, lipo, and Booty Pops. Sounds pretty unreal already.