You Make The Call: Did Cubs Choose Right PA Announcer?

In order to find its next public address announcer this season, the Chicago Cubs forged an innovative partnership with CareerBuilder.

Fans would post their resumes on the site and put their announcing audition, voicing a required script, on YouTube. The Cubs received 2,954 applications.

Here's the audition video of the eventual winner Andrew Belleson, who was previously the public address announcer and radio broadcaster for the minor league team, the Rockford River Hawks.

So did the Cubs make the right choice? We’ll let you decide. Here are some of the other great auditions we found. Since the Cubs didn’t hire the four others, we obviously hope some team will be smart enough to give them a chance! And don't forget to vote in the poll on the last page for your favorite.

Audtion number one

Jeff Zimmerman:

Audition number two

Jon Hansen:

Audition number 3

Brian Atkinson:

Final audition tape and poll

Dan Levy:

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