Dragon Summoning Incantation Lands Candidate The Job

England’s Warwick Castle has hired a dragonologist following an extensive search which has captured the UK's imagination.


Warwick Castle, situated in the center of England, raised eyebrows earlier this month when it said it was recruiting a Consultant Dragonologistwith "extensive knowledge of dragon myth and legend, with particular reference to dragon summoning and dragon powers and riddles".

Rose Jardine, who graduated form the University of Stirling in Scotland with a degree in psychology, is the castle's new on-site dragonoligist and expert for its new attraction, "Merlin: The Dragon Tower."

Jardine was hired after an interview in which she divulged her passion and knowledge for dragons and the legends that surround them. During her interview, Jardine even performed a dragon summoning incantation.

“I only performed half of the incantation. I didn’t want to unleash the beast without having taken all the marginal precautions. As you can imagine, it can be a very dangerous business,” Jardine told CNBC.com.

"Merlin: The Dragon Tower" will give ticket holders the opportunity to experience the legend of "The Great Dragon" first hand.

There will also be a magical mirror at the center of the attraction where guests can interact with the dragon first hand.

“Part of what we want to convey with the exhibit is the emotional thrill,” Jardine said. “It is important that there is no slack or trivial information, but that it is credible and compelling.”

“We are very excited to have him (The Great Dragon) in the castle,” she added.

Jardine's career has taken her through financial accounting, sales, marketing, business and health management prior to being appointed as Warwick's dragonologist.

Though no formal accreditation is required for dragonologists, dragon legend and mythology has always been a passion of Jardine’s.

The fire brigade was present at the interview in case there were any mishaps, Jardine said.

For her, this is a dream job. “Everybody is drawn to dragons,” she said.

Merlin: The Dragon Tower is set to open Saturday, April 16th.