Woman Complains That She Is Too Hot for Finance

Jutta Klee | Getty Images

A London-based investment banker has written to Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times with a rather unusual problem.

She says she is too good looking to work. Men drool over her, women distrust her, and no one takes her seriously.

From the FT:

I know that you will think this problem is mad, but I fear I’m too good looking for corporate life. As a student I used my looks to make money modelling, but now that I’m in the City I feel they are holding me back. Female colleagues distrust me, while male colleagues are drawn to me, but don’t take me very seriously. My boss has told me that I need to network more. But I find networking events are ghastly, with all the eager men dribbling over me. What can I do, short of turning up to work in a bin liner?

Banker, female, 27

Alternative theory: no one likes this woman because she is very, very full of herself.

The FT promises its columnist will respond on April 13.


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