What do the Bronx Zoo Cobra, Irish Banks and Goldman Sachs Have in Common?


Bronx Zoo Cobra Is Found (Gothamist) Our long, national nightmare is over.

Irish Banks Move Toward Nationalization (Wall Street Journal)

Russell Napier: “When China finds a Volcker, it's America that goes bust.” (Fortune)

The US used to have 7 graduate programs for financial engineering. Now it has close to a hundred. What could go wrong? (Business Insider)

Goldman, the Volcker Rule, and Principal Investing. (Economics of Contempt) As it turns out, Goldman can keep right on running its principal investment arm.

Ticonderoga Securities says Morgan Stanley will outperform Goldman Sachs. (Barron’s)

Rick Santelli Isn't the Only Dancer in His Family (Economic Policy Journal)

The U.S. Arms Its Islamic Enemies–Again (Forbes)

Citi Employees Allegedly Kill Customer Over Bill Complaints (DealBreaker)