NCAA Among 'Most Valued Media Content'

After appearing on "The Strategy Session" Monday, Sal Galatioto, president of Galatioto Sports Partners, continued the discussion off-air with David Faber about why March Madnesswill soon lead to even more lucrative media deals for the NCAA.

NCAA Basketball Trophy
NCAA Basketball Trophy

"This [NCAA] has become amongst the most valued media content. Think about it, the number of games it spans, the number of days, the upsets and then the ripple effect it has throughout the economy—beer sales, restaurants, bars, you name it," Galatioto said.

A big part of the NCAA is legal and illegal gaming, which is something nobody wants to talk about, he explained.

"In the coming years when this media package comes up for renewal, what's it going to be worth? It's going to be incredible. If these upsets continue, the level of interest is going to continue to climb," Galatioto said.

Check out our entire conversation with Sal Galatioto in this web exclusive to see if who he picks to win, UCONN Huskies or Butler Bulldogs, in tonights championship game.

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