New Book on Google Reveals Details on Execs, China and the ‘Facebook Panic’


Steven Levy spent nearly three years immersing himself in all-things Google while doing research for his new book, "IN THE PLEX How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives."

It was time well spent.

Gaining unprecedented access to Google's top management and hundreds of current and former employees, Levy takes readers inside to see how the company really operates; how it develops new products, how employees are treated (they're not all pampered) and how the search engine giant is posed to handle its biggest challenges from newer rivals like Facebook.

The book is publishing at the perfect time for investors and readers who want to know more about the company and more about its new management tune-up.

Today Larry Page (an original co-founder along with Sergey Brin) assumes the role of CEO. In this new role Page will lead product development and run the day-to-day operations. He's doing this as Eric Schmidt drops the CEO title moving up to be executive chairman.

At 38, Page doesn't fit the CEO mold. He has a rebellious streak and likes to pursue wacky ideas, many of them as Levy writes, changed the company and our world — but others just leave folks either laughing or scratching their heads.

Levy was on CNBC's Power Lunchtalking about Page's new role and his book. He offered some great insight on how he thinks Page will lead and I wanted to share it with you. You can watch the interview here and you can read more about "In the Plex" here.

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