Cramer: Here's Why IBM Could Go to $200

International Business Machines has been on a definitive trajectory upward over the last couple of years, and Mad Money host Jim Cramer said on Monday's Stop Trading! the stock will likely move to $200.

"The DNA has changed dramatically at IBM ," Cramer said. It went from being a big-iron company to being a solutions-oriented company, whether it was software, hardware or consulting."

"It's a $200 stock, Cramer said, adding that it's a very well-run company. He doesn't consider IBM a quintessential tech company anymore, though.

"I think it's a think tank that earns really well," he said. "It's really become a place where a lot of great thinking and advising at IBM. I'm impressed by them. I like the stock. I think it goes to $200. I don't think it's expensive."

Other trades Cramer is watching:

Urban Outfitters seems to be getting into an unstoppable spiral and they can't seem to break the fall, Cramer said.

"You miss a couple of quarters, it doesn't matter how good you are...Urban right now is in one of those moments where I don't know how they break the spiral, frankly."

Under Armour UA, on the other hand, was just upgraded by Credit Suisse.

"My old technician friend Justin Mamis used to warn me about this — be careful of upgrades that are about multiple expansion," Cramer said. "I like it to have the earnings to go up, not the multiple. At the same time, though, this is clearly an accelerating growth story, so I can understand why someone wants to buy Under Armour.

"I put them like this: Lululemon, then Under Armour and then Nike."

Cramer's best cold play:

"I want to reiterate that Walter Energyis the special cold play that seems to be breaking out," Cramer said.

"Walter's a very inexpensive stock, and I think people get confused because the stock's $138," Cramer said. "They think it's expensive. No. It's not a large-cap company for all the business it has."

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