Markets Will End Year Higher: Stock Picker

Markets will likely end the year higher, driven by decent earnings growth and some multiple expansion, said Richard England, portfolio manager of Calvert Equity Portfolio.

“I’m on board with the consistent gains and we’ll see accelerating economic activity through this year,” England told CNBC.

England said he sees the markets go through a “hiccup” period when QE2* stops, but will eventually continue to move higher.

In the meantime, Michael Yoshikami, founder and CEO of YCMNET Advisors and a CNBC contributor, warned that there’s “too much money in the system” and remains “fairly negative” in terms of the economy.

“We think that GDP this year is going to be closer to 2 percent, so you’ll see the economy hit a headwind when all of the artificial money goes away,” he said. “The bottom line is, we have to pay our bills and that’s going to impact the market.”

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*Quantitative easing (QE2) refers to various steps the Fed can take in order to increase money in the economy.

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England owns shares of AGN, NFLX, KMX and JPM in the Calvert Equity Fund.

No immediate information was available for Yoshikami or his firm.

*General Electric is a minority owner of NBCUniversal, CNBC's parent company.