Big Business Pressures GOP to Avoid Shutdown


The White House likes the narrative of Obama fighting against corporate interests. But the truth is that big business is taking sides with the Democrats on the budget battle.

My brother,Tim Carney, reports for the Washington Examiner:

Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donahue twisted the arms of GOP lawmakers this week and then met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Dow Jones Newswires quoted Reid saying that Donahue "told more than 100 Republicans yesterday at an event that they were making a huge mistake shutting down the government." Business Roundtable head John Engler personally lectured Boehner on keeping government running for the sake of government contractors.

Why does big business hate the idea of a government shut down? In the first place, because many of the titans of corporate America derive large portions of their revenues from government contracts. But also because of the uncountable number of "pro-business" corporate welfare programs from Commerce Department trade missions to Energy Department loan guarantee programs to ethanol subsidies that will be interrupted.


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