Mad Mail: MAKO Surgical, Safe Bulkers, Berkshire Hathaway and More

On Thursday, Cramer took questions from viewers and gave his call on stocks home gamers asked about.

During last Friday's "Lightning Round," Dan in North Carolina asked about MAKO Surgical . After having researched the Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based company, Cramer thinks the stock is simply "too hot to handle." If looking for a high-tech medical equipment play, he suggests buying Intuitive Surgical ISRG shares on a pullback.

Later in the segment, Pete in Florida wanted Cramer's take on Safe Bulkers . After doing his homework on this Athens, Greece-based shipping company, Cramer thinks its 6.5 percent dividend is safe. It won't grow for a while, however, so Cramer wouldn't recommend buying this name at current levels.

On Monday, Kimmy in Connecticut asked about Oncolytics Biotech , a biotechnology company based in Calgary, Alberta. It develops cancer therapeutics, which needs approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For that reason, Cramer doesn't like the risk-reward.

Meanwhile, Cramer on Thursday took a question from Joe. After doing homework on the Bakken shale, the home gamer wanted to play transports. Pipelines are still being built and aren't 'making money, Cramer said. So he thinks the best way to play the Bakken remains EOG Resources , Continental Resources and Whiting Petroleum .

The next letter came from Jace, who asked if Cramer still likes Berkshire Hathaway , even though its CEO recently resigned. Cramer thinks the insurance business is great and if housing turns around, the company will really take off.

Finally, Dave noted that Georgia Gulf is a stock that he thinks could realize profits from the drop in natural gas prices. He wondered wby Cramer hasn't gotten behind it. The "Mad Money" host said the stock took off too fast and he missed it.

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