What's On: $110 Oil, Banks and the Budget Crisis

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--Crude oil prices hit the $110 a barrel mark this week. That's the highest level since September, 2008. UPS, Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines are some of the many companies that are hoping for lower oil prices. How will the jump change their strategies and the stock prices? When will they hit some sort of tipping point? We'll discuss.

--Higher oil prices apparently are not a big concern for many SUV and truck drivers. Sales are on the rise. We'll see which is rolling better, General Motors or Ford .

--Banks are always on our agenda. PNC Financial announced Thursday it would boost its dividend by 250 percent. We'll also watch JP Morgan and Bank of America closely, both report quarterly results next week. Then there's Citigroup as they prepare their reverse stock split scheduled for next month.

--From Citigroup to Citi Field, we are talking with David Howard, Mets Executive Vice President of Business Operations. Everything is on the mound this Friday.

And the Street Poll asks about the looming government shutdown. As Congress decides what to do about Friday's budget deadline, we want to know who you blame the most for the crisis, President Obama, Congressional Democrats, Congressional Republicans or The Tea Party? Share your opinion, and watch the big show, Squawk on the Street, live at 9am eastern at the New York Stock Exchange.