Waking up With Nicole Lapin


If I can figure out how to tie a tie this Monday morning, you, too, can get out of bed (hopefully without finding a spider in your bathroom the size of a Buick) and start the glorious week of earnings we have before us.

OPEN: The government is still open. Members of congress, don't you worry your pretty little heads, you still don't have to push their own elevator buttons. At least not until there is some real deficit bashing later this week.

SHUTDOWN: NYSE rejects NASDAQ/ICE bid. Oh, snap—$11.3 billion ain't enough, boys.

MERGER MONDAY: Endo is buying American Medical Systems for $2.6 billion; Level 3 acquires Global Crossing; Tyco is sharply higher after speculation of a takeover bid.

MANIC MONDAY: Asia was red, Europe not so hot, Futures are up, though (what 6.6 earthquake?!). Record high for gold (again) and corn.

PEACE: Oil falls on potential Libyan deal. In other news, gas is at an average $3.76/gallon.

HOT COMMODITY: Glencore Internation AG will probably go out with a mega IPO Thrusday in London valued at $10 to 12 billion.

COOL OFF: China clocked in its first trade deficit in seven years. They're also haulting plans for new aluminum plants to tackle over-capacity.

A IS FOR: Alcoa- the first commodity profits outta the gate tonight.

WELCOME TO NYC: An interim UK Bank Report didn't say "spin-off" per se, but stated banks should fence off consumer units. When you come home, Mr. Diamond, will you bring you HSBC pals with you?

BIG BALLER: Median CEO pay jumped 12 percent last year to $9.6 miliion.

BIG APPLE: Steve Jobs authorized biography will go out next year. Get. Excited.


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