Wells Fargo, Warren Buffett, and the Secret to Running a Bar in NYC

The Illinois Supreme Court is forming a committee to deal with the states foreclosure mess.

(Housing Wire) The new committee's 14 members include judges, bankers, lawyers, a law professor and at least one official from the Illinois Attorney General's office. But, apparently, no one facing foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Lands A Big Warren Buffett Deal (Deal Journal) A major coup for the giant bank as it tries to build a reputations as an investment banking company.

How To Open A Successful Bar In NYC When The Fail Rate Is 60% (Business Insider) One key: marketing saturation.

Simon Johnson Explains "What The Banks Did To Us" And Why "Seriously—Goldman Sachs Can't Fail" (Business Insider) A $900 billion balance sheet buys you all the influence you need.

The Behavioral Economics of Gas Prices (Ira Stoll) Why dont we have a gas price insurance market of consumers?