What's On: Energy CEOs, Alcoa and Travel Stocks

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--We have the CEOs of Pioneer Natural Resources and Sandridge Energy. Both stocks are really popping, up big in the last year.

--Plus, full reaction to Alcoa's Monday night numbers and a look ahead at how this stock will trade Tuesday and the impact it'll have on the Dow.

--Speaking of the Dow, some market-watchers are starting to wonder out loud about what's driving the rally and whether it is sustainable. We'll talk about momentum. We also want to hear from you on this subject — is the market due for a drop and what are you doing to prepare for it? That's the Street Poll. Share your opinion.

--Also on the big show, a key forecast on business travel. We'll see what it means for stocks like Delta, American Airlines, Marriott and Starwood.


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