The Strangest Things People Try to Check In at Airports

We’ve all been there haven’t we? The queue for the airport check-in when you suddenly realize you need something out of your luggage or that it’s slightly overweight because of the extra little things you’ve bought on holiday.

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic

That rather expensive bottle of wine from the Italian vineyard you visited in the Tuscan hillside for example. Getting it home is usually a challenge in itself.

But few of us have ever tried to check in bags of….. sand.

Yes, sand. According to Virgin Atlantic that was just one thing a couple who fell in love on the Island of Grenada attempted to check in on their return flight home.

The airline’s latest survey of its check in staff found its customers must rank as some of the weirdest individuals on the globe.

One passenger had her family carry her bath tub to the airport at JFK airport expecting to be able to check it in. According to Virgin it wasn’t even wrapped or packaged – she just turned up with it at the check in desk.

Another passenger turned up at the check in desk with a giant wheel of cheese while yet another expected to be able to check in a car engine.

New York’s JFK airport has seen some truly bizarre baggage check attempts, Virgin said.

One passenger tried to put a dead cow that had been wrapped in plastic into the hold of the flight they were due to take. Another tried to sneak onto her flight with her pet tarantula hidden inside her coat. Yet another tried to check in a bag of cutlery they had stolen on a previous Virgin Atlantic flight at Delhi airport.

Also among the most bizarre was a couple that tried to check a suitcase filled with sand and water from the Caribean island of Grenada as a memento of their holiday on the island. They also tried to take a bag of soil and a coconut tree on their flight.

Needless to say, none of the above attempts to sneak such contraband onto flights succeeded.