Buy & Sell These Airlines Amid Rising Oil: Analyst

The supply-demand is in favor of the airlines right now, said Jim Corridore, analyst at Standard & Poor’s.

“There’s less elasticity of demand for business travel than there is for leisure travel, so if airlines continue to raise air fares to offset rising oil…business travelers are still going to continue to travel,” Corridore told CNBC.

Corridore’s Picks:

Alaska Air

Delta Airlines

US Airways

Southwest Air

United Continental

Corridore has "buy" ratings on the airline firms above.

However, Corridore has "sell" ratings on JetBlue and AMR .

"[These firms are] less well positioned for rising oil prices," he commented.

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Corridore does not own shares of ALK, DAL, LCC< LUV, UAL, JBLU or AMR.