Dad Shoots Stereo, The Law Can't Blame Him

Parenting is a tricky, funny, business. Sometimes, you have to resort to strong measures to get a child's attention.

Case in point.

The Smoking Gun reports that a California man took a shotgun and blasted out his son's stereo system after warning him he was "playing his 'disco' too loud." However, the man will not be charged with any crime.

Yes, it is legal in California to blast the bejeezus out of your son's stuff with a 16-gauge as long as you don't mean to hurt anybody—just the stereo. Or disco. Which is now officially dead.

The son in question is 24-year-old Anthony "Baas" Jarmolowicz, an "aspiring DJ". His father, Stanislaw, told police he repeatedly warned his son to turn down his music, or else. Dad even sent in mom to plead for quiet, to no (alleged) avail.

So "or else" happened. "When the volume was not lowered to his liking, Jarmolowicz retrieved a 16 gauge shotgun from his bedroom, returned to his son's room, and hit the speaker with a single blast," says the police report. Officers arrested dad, who spent two nights in the Yuba County jail. However, prosecutors decided not to charge him since they couldn't prove a crime occurred. The elder Jarmolowicz did not intend to harm his son, just the stereo, which Dad probably paid for.

Let's review the facts.

Anthony Jarmolowicz is 24 years old. He lives at home. He's an "aspiring DJ", which indicates he may not have full-time employment. He plays his loud music too loud. He ignores his parent's orders to do something about that. Finally, the police report says , "Stanislaw stated that he's been fighting with Anthony for approximately six months trying to get him to move out of the residence."

Sure, Dad resorted to a shotgun, but good luck finding a jury who'd convict the guy, especially in Yuba County.

Still, Stanislaw Jarmolowicz regrets what happened. He admits he lost his temper and went to the dark side.

It happens to the best of us. Even little girls.

So let me leave you with my favorite video of the day. It's the Gallego family's trip to Disneyland in February. Daughter Sariah encounters Darth Vader...and immediately falls in love. ?

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