Facebook Drama, Strippers Invade Business Classrooms and Goldman Sends Traders Into a Panic


The Guy Who Says He Owns 50% of Facebook Just Filed a Boatload of New Evidence—And It's Breathtaking (Business Insider) Uh-oh...watch out Zucky, he's coming for your baby.

Zuckerberg Versus Ceglia: A Timeline of Facts And Allegations (Business Insider) Get familiar with Ceglia, doesn't look like he's going away anytime soon.

BUSTED: Business School Professor Caught Getting A Lap Dance During A Lecture On "Business Ethics" (Business Insider) Noted. Not a good idea.

Goldman Call to Sell Oil Sets Up Buying Opportunity: Traders (CNBC.com) “The ‘music’ stopped suddenly yesterday and panic set in as everyone began to look for a chair into which to sit, and there were far too few of those available,” hedge fund manager Dennis Gartman wrote in this “Gartman Letter” Tuesday regarding the Goldman aftermath. “The doors were locked; panic set in.”

Google, Facebook Group Asks Delay of Debit-Card Fee Rules(Bloomberg) Basically, part of the Dodd-Frank Act put a cap on debit-card fees charged to merchants for payments made via debit-card, but the change, set to go into effect July 21, could be delayed because of concern that consumers data could be put at risk.

TechNet, a group that represents Google, Facebook, Apple and Visa, is telling lawmakers they can't protect consumers financial information if fees are capped and Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) is asking his fellow lawmakers to support legislation delaying the capped fees two years.