Funny or Die CEO on Being a Next-Generation Studio and Broadcaster

The National Association of Broadcastersisn't just about traditional radio and TV, it's also about the future of broadcasting, which is inevitably online.

Funny or Die
Funny or Die

I sat down with the CEO of, Dick Glover to talk about his role in this new, competitive and crowded broadcasting landscape.

Funny or Die may have started as a website for funny videos, but it quickly expanded to traditional media as well. The company fashions itself the next-generation studio, producing content for all mediums. In June 2008 the company announced a partnership with HBO. In addition to producing TV shows a movie is in the works.

Does this mean that a company can't subsist on producing web video alone? Glover says it's not about that. The paradigm has shifted, it's not about web video or TV productions, it's just about content. and funny ideas will be funny on multiple platforms.

Most websurfers know the brand for its star comics who produce for the site, from Zach Galifinakis to Will Farrell. But Glover insists the site isn't too reliant on celebrity names.

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