GE Hoaxed by Billionaire for Bush Guy


As it turns out, General Electric is not returning a tax refund to the U.S. government.

Early on Wednesday, a report that appeared to come from the Associated Press claimed that GE would pay the Treasury $3.2 billion in taxes on April 18th.

GE , one of the corporate parents of CNBC, has now denied that it plans to pay taxes.

Earlier this year, GE announced that despite billions in corporate profits, it had no tax liabilty. It claimed that its U.S. operations lost $408 million while its foreign operations were responsible for $10.8 billion of profit.

The hoax was perpetrated by the prankster group called "Yes Men." The Yes Men often impersonate corporate executives in an attempt to embarrass companies and draw attention.

Andrew Boyd, who founded the satirical group Billionaires for Bush and says he is a member of the Yes Men, claimed that the group had sent out a fake press release announcing the taxpayment.


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