Spam Scammmers Now Turn to Middle East Turmoil


These guys are always innovative.

Dear Beloved

I am Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Mohammed Saleh [Al Amoud] of Saudi Arabia but presently seeking an Asylum in United Kingdom. If you goggle "Saudi Arabian princess asylum" you can read my story.

I have Three Million five hundred United States Dollars (US$3.500,000.00) in cash deposit with a reliable security vault in Europe, which I would like to invest in an offshore project such as oil and gas/real estate or any lucrative business of your choice.

Please note: this should not be mistaken to be any form of scam and I am not interested in your money and please if you have that intention do not write back. However, this is my first time of being involved in offshore investment, so my attorney here shall be handling the entire transaction on my behalf.

If you are interested in pursuing this further, please notify me through fax or email in order to enable us work out modalities. Note also that a binding agreement must be endorsed prior to eventual transfer of the funds to you for investment. I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

Princess Sarah Mohammed Saleh [Al Amoud]


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