Introducing Our Jazzed-Up Video Player

Dear readers ... You are going to find our videos a lot more useful now.

Starting today we are introducing a jazzed-up video player. It has lots of improvements. But one is particularly useful for the time-compressed viewer ... a searchable transcript side-by-side with the video.

So, say you've clicked on a five-minute interview with an analyst discussing various stocks. Sure, she has interesting things to say about Apple and Ford, but what you really want to hear is her comments about Citigroup.

Simply search for the word "Citigroup" in the transcript (it'll highlight), click on it, and ... shazam! ... the video advances right to that point in the interview. Quickly too.

As an added bonus, if you want your boss to hear what the guest said about Citigroup, you can clip the video to that point in the interview, using the "share" function, and email it. So when your boss clicks on the video ... shazam again! ... the video starts at that point. And you can make it end at certain point too. Cool huh?

There are other new aspects to the new player as well ... the ability to comment on videos and to see related videos at a glance, plus a new "hot topics" section. Play around with it ... read our video ... we think you'll like it.

(You can take a tour of the new video player here.)