Botox and the Budget

Our federal budget is in for some nip/tuck. So are federal workers.

The Daily Caller reports that several Hill staffers got Botox injections as part of a "government shutdown special". The free treatments were offered byD.C. plastic surgeon Dr. Navin Singh.

Dr. Singh made the offer to the first 50 government workers who showed up to claim it, keeping the promotion going even though the government didn't actually shut down.

The Daily Caller says as of yesterday, 15 employees had gotten the free Botox, "with more appointments lining up". About 30 percent of the customers are men (what, to improve their poker faces during budget negotiations?).

I'm a little surprised only 15 treatments have been done so far. I would've expected the place to be overrun. Dr. Singh says the free Botox would usually cost $400. In LA, that would cause a riot.

But this may be a symptom of what's wrong in Washington. Our nation's capital is so used to spending money freely that employees don't recognize great savings when it hits them in the face. Literally.

Actually, let's skip the staffers and inject the free Botox into the budget itself, paralyzing it, making it look younger ... like the budget of 1998.

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