ZipCars, Bodyslams, and 3 More Things About Goldman


ZipCar's IPO Underwriters Just Screwed The Company To The Tune Of $50 Million(Business Insider). When a stock soars 70% on the day it IPOs, it means the underwriters screwed the founders and pre-IPO investors.

Also: we’re in a tech bubble.

Michael Burry gives a speech at Vanderbuilt (Distressed Debt Investing). Among other things, he’s buying farm land and thinks Goldman's short squeeze was despicable.

Why the SEC is mulling opening up to private market deals (Truth on the Market). Easy answer: because a vociferous Congressman is jerking their leash.

Dick Durbin bodyslams Jamie Dimon (Felix Samon) The best part is when Durbin tells Dimon to “keep some perspective.”

Deal Journal asks is Zipcar still affordable (DealJournal). I didn’t hear the answer because the bubbling noise was too loud.

Goldman goes neutral on financials (MarketBeat). Everyone secretly thinks this means the traders are “massively short.”