Aussie Dollar Sags, U.S. Dollar Drags


Chinese inflation is biting the Aussie dollar, and a lack of inflation is biting in the U.S. Your daily FX Fix, right here.

How much further can it go? The dollar index hit a 16-month low yesterday. []

A U.S. inflation report that matched expectations isn't helping matters. [, CNBC]

You go your way, I'll go mine: Rich currencies are taking different paths as carry trades gain favor. [Economist]

Eurozone countries are starting to really resent each other. [NYT]

Indications of rising inflation in China, and the possibility of steps to rein it in, are weighing on the Australian dollar.

Eurozone inflation continues to bite, which is helping the euro. On the other hand, a downgrade of Irish debt by Moody's is not. [CNBC]


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