By The Numbers: Spring Game Attendance

The worst college football you will ever see is a spring game. Nothing about it is real football, but the game where teams play themselves draw crowds because fans are so excited to see something after a three month absence.

Here is a list of the attendance at some of the spring games from colleges that do release the figures. This list is hardly complete, as most schools don't put out an official attendance number.

Alabama: 92,310

Nebraska: 66,784

Florida State: 53,818

Auburn: 53,209

Florida: 51,000

Georgia: 43,177

Arkansas: 42,000

Mississippi State: 36,357

Tennessee: 35,891

South Carolina: 29,451

Texas: 29,541

Mississippi: 28,000

Notre Dame: 27,863

Clemson: 27,000

Oklahoma: 25,598

LSU: 25,032

North Carolina: 15,500

Texas A&M: 16,500

Oklahoma State: 16,000

Colorado: 15,655

NC State: 13,139

Texas Tech: 12,400

Missouri: 10,000

Arizona: 4,500

Iowa State: 4,000

Baylor: 3,500

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