Buy the 'Heck Out of' Citi: Analyst

Although Citigroup posted a quarterly profit narrowly beating Wall Street forecasts Monday, Anthony Polini, equity analyst at Raymond James, is bullish on the stock.

"The bottom line is this was a very encouraging quarter, if you're looking for revenue growth to accelerate down the road," he told CNBC.

Polini said he would "buy the heck out of"Citi shares.

"I think this stock will be one of the best performers going forward for the remainder of the year," he went on to say.

While the big positive in JPMorgan and Bank of America earnings was commercial loan growth, Polini pointed out, Citi enjoyed strong retail loan growth. Total retail loans grew 11 percent, and 22 percent in Latin America 16 percent in Asia.

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Disclosure information was not available for Anthony Polini or his company.