NYSE: No Immediate Comment on Nasdaq/ICE Proposal

NYSE says it will not comment immediately to the proposed merger agreement submitted to them by Nasdaq/ICE.

Under the proposal, Nasdaq/ICE says: 1) they are prepared to pay a reverse termination fee of $350 million in case the deal cannot close due to antitrust issues; 2) they have received fully committed financing of $3.8 billion.

"We believe that, in addition to a superior financial proposal, the synergies available for our customers, our ability to lower costs and the highly focused business segments of NASDAQ OMX and ICE are significantly more attractive in both the short-term and the long-term than the proposed acquisition of NYSE Euronext by Deutsche Boerse," Nasdaq CEO Robert Greifeld and ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher said in a letter to the NYSE/Euronext.

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