Wednesday Lights Up as Weed—nesday

April 20—4/20—is a big day for the business of marijuana. Not the medical stuff, the illegal kind.

Marijuana joint
Marijuana joint

Urban legend holds that "420" began decades ago as the time of day some high school kids in the Bay Area would meet after school to light up.

The time of day soon became a day of the year. April 20th, which this year is on a Wednesday.

Or Weed—nesday.

Even though California voters shot down a proposal last fall to make recreational pot legal, some feel legalization is inevitable. More states are passing medical marijuana laws--one just took effect in Arizona—and penalties for pot possession are easing.

So now's the time to cash in with paraphernalia, and I don't mean bong sales.

Nike is launching a special Cheech & Chong's 420 shoe. But one company is trying to capitalize on something more specifically tied to the event.

Those whose minds can't quite function on Weednesday, lost in a haze, may need a watch to remind them of their favorite time to take a break.

Enter The Cadence Watch Company. It's releasing a special "4:20" watch, which looks like a regular watch, except the spot where both hands would mark 4:20 is highlighted.

The 420 Watch
Source: The Cadence Watch Company
The 420 Watch

"The watch was conceived by Vanya Buvac, the owner of Cadence watch," says PR rep Gary Frisch. Buvac targeted the audience logging onto, where users provide their own offbeat news, politics, and humor.

"He'd been selling other watches to Reddit's audience and came up with the (420) idea to appeal to them because many, it seems, smoke marijuana or are for legalizing marijuana use."

Frisch says Cadence immediately got nearly 200 orders as soon as the $85 watch went up on Reddit, and that's now grown to 847.

Heck, if this is your audience, why not sell a watch where every minute of the day is 4:20? Here's my free idea: sell calendars where every day of the year is 4/20! Because for some, it is ...

Which leads me to one important feature of the Cadence 4:20 watch. It's water resistant down to 3 atmospheres (30 meters), "in keeping with Cadence Watch’s mission to provide products for active lifestyles." Or in case the wearer is so blotto he or she falls off a boat. Which I don't recommend.

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