Easter Weekend a Boon for Travel Industry

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It's the Easter holiday... and the travel industry is always a beneficiary of long weekends.

But who else stands to gain from the unusually late break this year... and who stands to lose?

CNBC's Carolin Schober explores.

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Carolin Schober, CNBC:
This year the Easter holiday falls on the latest weekend since 1943, but hey, that's good isn't it? At least for chocolate lovers like me who get more time to stock up on the essentials, like the sweet stuff, like Easter eggs, or Easter bunnies for that matter, like my little friend up here. And let's check out where the rest of these come from.

Chocolate producers like Swiss based Lindt & Spruengli have ramped up production ahead of a long Easter selling season and consumers' appetite for chocolate is strong.

Nina Keller Spokeswoman, Lindt & Spruengli:
Late Easter this year is really good for us because we have a long period to sell our Easter chocolate and it started off very promising, and of course lots of consumers do last minute shopping in the week before Easter so there is still great potential for us.

But not everyone is cheering the late Easter. Looking south to the Swiss Alps, almost half of all Swiss ski resorts and a number of hotels have already closed shop for the season. This year the Ski resorts simply can't rely on the Easter Weekend to give the much needed last boost to bookings. Unusually high temperatures in the past few weeks are only adding to worries. Some resorts are now hoping hikers and mountain bikers could make up for some of the losses.

So now all the chocolate producers and ski resorts can hope for is a little bit of sun over the Easter weekend. But of course not too much sun, or the profits, and these little guys, will melt away.

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Tasty treats there for the long weekend. I'm Chloe Cho from CNBC, thanks for watching "Asia Market Daily".

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