Federal Court Rejects Mattel's 'Bratz' Copyright Claim

Bratz Dolls
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Bratz Dolls

A federal court jury has rejected Mattel Inc.'s copyright infringement claims involving MGA Entertainment's popular line of Bratz dolls and awarded MGA $88.4 million for misappropriation of its trade secrets by the Barbie-maker.

The jury found Thursday that MGA had proven Mattel acted willfully and maliciously in misappropriating the secrets.

MGA attorney Annette Hurst says that because of that finding, the judge has discretion to multiply the damages up to three times.

A complex, 28-page verdict is being read in federal court in Santa Ana, Calif.

Mattel had alleged a doll designer developed the Bratz dolls while working at Mattel and secretly took the idea to MGA.