Won Wafts Higher, Dollar Droops


The won is wafting close to new highs, but the greenback still has the blues. Time for your Earth Day FX Fix.

South Korea's central bank may have undertaken aggressive dollar buying after the won rose sharply to new highs. [WSJ]

Poland's central bank will be selling euros to, yes, strengthen the zloty. [WSJ]

Well, that was quick: A plan to let the Belarus ruble float ended after three days when the central bank told banks to quote a new rate on the currency. [Reuters]

Is Germany flipping the bird at Europe over the single currency? [guardian.co.uk]

The euro traded higher ahead of economic reports in France and Italy. [Bloomberg]

The dollar drifted near three-year lows, and traders don't expect much in the way of support from next week's Fed news conference. [Reuters]


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