Silver Pullback Is 'Little Hiccup'—Will Hit ‘At Least $60’

Silver prices plunged Tuesdayafter hitting fresh 31-year highs in the previous session, but the pullback is merely a “little hiccup,” said Phillip Streible, senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock.

“[The silver rally’s] got fundamentals behind it—this is not an inflation play by any means,” Streible told CNBC.

“Supply-demand issues are here, there are new fundamentals and it’s got momentum shooting it higher.”

Despite the day’s pullback, Streible expects silver to climb to “at least $60” an ounce.

“If you look at it from an inflation standpoint, look at gold year-to-date: it’s up 6.3 percent,” he explained. “The S&P’s also up while the dollar is down 6.3 percent, so [silver’s] not working with that inflation—otherwise, silver would also only be up that much.”

“We’re up 50 something percent and the reason is new fundamentals—it’s a supply deficit that’s going on in the market.”


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