Managing Life's Balance Sheet

Life Changes - A CNBC Special Report
Life Changes - A CNBC Special Report

Wedding season will soon begin, and with the pageantry and emotion come bills and analysis.

The big events in our lives often carry equally big price tags. And even though they're highly anticipated, it's difficult to be fully prepared — emotionally and financially.

And yet, if marriage is expensive in its wonton spending, divorce can be even more costly, especially with an unhappy ending.

Handling life changes takes prudence and planning along with perserverance. Marriage is a marathon, a wedding a melange of high and low hurdles, but ample cash flow and sound money management will help both go more smoothly.

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Our special report, "Life Changes",is not intended to celebrate the milestones of our lives, but to help navigate the financial equations: marriage, parenthood, divorce, long-term careand retirement — to name a few.

You'll also find tips on applying technologyand picking investments.

So live and learn.