What's On: Boeing, Moody's, Cisco and Bernanke

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

--Before the bell, we'll get reports from one Dow company, Boeing, and 27 members of the S&P. About halfway through earnings season, results are strong but there's a clear pattern emerging — many companies are citing rising fuel and commodity costs as a headwind.

--Another headwind: the potential end of QE2. So who will win the big battle between Big Oil, Big Ben and Big Earnings. Find out at 10 ET.

--And the big event of the week — Bernanke's historic news conference. Do you think you'll have a better understanding of Fed policy following the conference? That's the Street Poll. Share your opinion.

--Also, Wall Street, Main Street and Washington will be watching ConocoPhillips and BP, the first of the majors to report. Expectations are high and so is the potential for political backlash.

--And everyone agrees the credit rating agencies played a role in the financial crisis. But when Moody's reports results, will the numbers be further proof it emerged without even a slap on the wrist?

--Plus, find out why two of our market watchers are betting on a Cisco turnaround.

--And, Simon Hobbs speaks to four market watchers about their best investing plays abroad. You can register for their Webcast at noon ET.


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